Individual Entrepreneurship

Anyone who establishes a business is not an entrepreneur, even if his/her activity is profitable or even creates jobs; although these people contribute to society and their activities are valuable, but in order to be an entrepreneur they need to have other qualifications too.

Generally in the entrepreneurship literature, entrepreneur is someone with at least one new idea, attained through personal creativity, recognition of a need, or creation of a new opportunity, who turns this idea into income or a social value by his/her entrepreneurial behavior, taking risks and ... .

Today, entrepreneurship is treated as a science and is not yet known, considered, and trained as a school that deals with all aspects of personal and social life. Accordingly Entrepreneurship Foundation has designed 16-hours long "Individual Entrepreneurship" Training workshops with school approach, to not only train and familiarize Iranian-American business owners and job seekers with entrepreneurial behavior, but also take another step toward better economic welfare and social strength of Iranian-American community.

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