Creative and Entrepreneurial Marketing

The ultimate purpose of this workshop is to make senior managers and executive managers familiar with creative and entrepreneurial behavior in marketing and advertising. In addition to becoming familiar with principals and process of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship participants will also learn about the ideal organizational platforms for creativity and entrepreneurship that will provide suitable conditions for using creativity and innovation techniques in individual and organizational levels in marketing. Participants will create new opportunities and ideas by learning how to find latent needs of their customers and rivals. It’s also expected that after this course, participants become more conscious of themselves and be able to recognize the obstacles of idea generation, creativity and innovation in themselves and their organization by a creative, active, and open mind.
Surviving in good economy may not require businesses to have entrepreneurial and creative behavior, but in a bad economy if they suffice to normal and regular business solutions and don't be able to use new ways, they will surely be pushed out of the market in a short time, specially if they are small or medium size businesses. Most of the marketing courses has a root in classic marketing, which is specifically designed for large organizations and deliver solutions that require lots of personnels and enormous marketing investment; therefore small and medium size businesses practically are not able to completely and accurately implement those kind of marketings, meanwhile classical marketing does not focus on creativity as an efficient, practical, and professional tool.
Entrepreneurship Foundation based on the mentioned problem and the fact that many new venture creations fail because of wrong marketings and advertisings, has designed the "Entrepreneurial (Creative) Marketing" workshop for Iranian-American community to encourage small and medium size businesses to make their marketings and advertisements effective by using creativity techniques and divergent thinking through definitely new, cheap, easy, and fast ways.

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