Organizational Entrepreneurship

Not very long ago, phrases and terms like "downsizing", "small is beautiful", or "elephants can't dance" were very popular and common in most of the management's articles, seminars, books, etc, and the general assumption was that large scale organizations and holding companies, because of their largeness, are not flexible, risk taker, and fast enough to compete with small businesses that were known as entrepreneurs. But shortly, large scale organizations dominated small businesses by using special methods and systems, which enabled them to take advantage of their size and at the same time brought them enough agility, flexibility, and risk taking ability for competing with small rivals. It was time to say: "elephants can dance too." In the other word, by using organizational (corporate) entrepreneurship they entrepreneurized themselves and redesigned their structure, culture, and systems, so that entrepreneur employees would rather stay with them, instead of resigning and entering the market independently and take high risks. On the contrary, Organizations had to pay the market value of their creative activities and new ideas along with freedom of action and etc.

Traditional organizations, which are not too far from bankruptcy and dissolution can create an influential evolution in themselves and in all levels of the organization by getting entrepreneurized. In current situation where most of the large organizations and holding companies have serious problems because of the bad economic situation, best rescuing way out of this disaster is organizational entrepreneurship.

In this course trainees learn:
- How to entrepreneurize their organization and spread the entrepreneurship spirit in it.
- How to arrange or rearrange their organizational structure, procedures, rewarding and compensation systems, and etc, in a way that all the employees, in any level of the organization, can quickly and easily create and implement new ideas, either individually or in groups.

Organizational entrepreneurship is the prevention and treatment of unemplyment.

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