Applied Creativity Training of Trainer (T.O.T)

Promoting entrepreneurial behavior and entrepreneurship culture in the society, requires instructors that can teach creative thinking and opportunism, practically and efficiently. Such creativity trainers should have experienced creativity in their own personal lives and felt all different angles and ups and downs of creativity and innovation process, so that they can change student's mind-sets and life styles effectively and permanently.

Entrepreneurship Foundation has designed "Applied Creativity Training of Trainer (T.O.T)" program based on mentioned, obvious need. Learning model in this program is based on "Learning by Teaching" method.

Participants' qualifications:
  • Passing at least one of the "Applied and Professional Creativity Workshops"
  • Bachelor degree
  • At least 3 years of working experience in one field
  • At least 30 years of old
  • Being familiar with Internet, PowerPoint
  • At least one year of teaching experience
Final Exam:
  • Presenting a two hours creativity training workshop
  • preparing training PowerPoint slides
  • Preparing a lesson plan for a 24 hours creativity training workshop
  • Preparing a training package consisted of: Activities, Materials, Texts and...
  • Preparing a sample creativity exam
Duration: 120 hours
Completion Certificate:
  • Any participant that passes the Program's final Exam successfully will receive a Creativity Trainer Certificate , issued by Entrepreneurship Foundation. Valid for 2 years. It should be renewed every two years by attending at least one of our related training seminars.

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