Professional Creativity Training Workshop

Lack of new idea or having new ideas that are not practical or/and valuable in the market are two important individual obstacles in the process of entrepreneurship, therefore, Entrepreneurship Foundation has designed particular training workshops called "Professional Creativity Training Workshop" as a solution for solving these two fundamental problems. Through these workshops participants come up with practical and valuable new ideas in their own fields.

These workshops are applied and professionally conducted ONLY for participants that have related academic education or practical experience in their own field, business or occupation such as: Medicine, Dentistry, Advocacy, Recruitment, Insurance, Real State, Travel Agencies, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, and ... .

Learning Model of this workshop is based on cooperative learning, learning by doing, 5Es principals (Engaging - Exploration - Explanation - Elaboration - Evaluation), tacit knowledge, collective knowledge, and shared discovery.

The other significant difference between this workshop and other similar workshops is that participants go through a step by step, professionally and accurately designed process, by the help of instructors, to generate and own at least one new, practical, and valuable idea that is ready for patenting or intellectual property registration.

But this is not the end, our complementory programs are designed to complete the entrepreneurship process and bring the generated ideas to reality and market.

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