Professional Round Table

Now adays,businesses are so complicated, dynamic, uncertain, and competitive that any moment, advantages may change to threads; in such circumstances connection with competitors, experts, consultants, entrepreneurs, elits, customers,publications, medias, networks, and being informed about latest experiences, news, scientific and technological improvements is one of the essentials of any business. Of course many professional meetings and round tables are held in any field, but if:

  • Some of the participants only turn into speakers and the others listeners or inactive 
  • False assumptions and mind-sets remain hidden or don't change
  • Discussions don't act as a deep and creative destruction

Then the results will be shallow, ineffective, regular, and unproductive. Accordingly, Entrepreneurship Foundation has designed "Professional Round Tables" for different fields and industries by which participants will:

  • Learn how to have a deep creative discussion (Lose-Lose Dialogue, Originated by J.Samad Aghaei, Ph.D)
  • Verbally announce their committed to audiences for following the dialogues rules

And then the round table will be started and managed by a trained/accredited Moderator (facilitator) in order to achieve new scientific and practical results, useful for all participates through a friendly, deep, creative and attractive discussion.

Agendas and participants are very diverse and will be specified based on the needs and situation of each group or industry. Panelists of "Professional Round Tables" are generally the followings:

  • Accredited Moderator (Facilitator)
  • Moderator assistant
  • Panelists (3-7 experts)
  • Participants: Who are already familiar with the Lose-Lose dialogue's rulls and are allowed to ask question and express their ideas.
  • Audiences: Who are NOT allowed to ask question or express their ideas during the session

At the end of each session, participants will fill out an evaluation form to score each member of panel and moderator and at the end of each season the best dialoquer and moderator will be rewarded by a gift and appreciation certificate in a ceremony.        

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