TV Entrepreneurship Festival

Entrepreneurship literature has shown that one of the entrepreneur's needs is having an approprate social position, which is more needed than "money" for them. subsequently, recognizing,introducing, and rewarding economic and social entrepreneurs is one of the essential elements to inspire and promote entrepreneurship culture in any society.

since there has't been any entrepreneurship festival with scientific criteria and experienced judges for recognizing and rewarding outstanding entrepreneurs so far, Entrepreneurship Foundation, for the first time, proceeded to conduct a formal "TV Entrepreneurship Festival' via one of the US TV channels.

In this festival, entries will present their brief biography, activities and business plans to the judges panel in a live TV program. Meanwhile the program will create excitement, training and motivation to encourage viewers to start an entrepreneurial life and create new ventures.

"TV Entrepreneurship Festival" will be conducted in three major sections, Women Entrepreneurship,Start-Up Companies, and Entrepreneurial Organizations. 

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