Thinking Club


"Sometimes you need to shout for teaching a soundless subject like thinking" - Heidegger 

Nothing is under full control of human being like Thinking and there is nothing more difficult than thinking in universe;"Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week" George Bernard Shaw says. Unfortunately people in different societies are not yet familiar with the accurate meaning and definition of Thinking, different thinking styles and most used thinking style. Therefore, they don't know how they can change their thinking style.

On the other hand, when they reached a point that they can really Think and have a deep and creative thinking (Higher order thinking), then they have to learn deep and creative dialogue (Quantum Dialogue) to reinforce their thinking. After all they need to find people like themselves to dialogue and interact with them in a friendly, freely and special atmosphere that all these happen in our THINKING CLUB.

Entrepreneurship Foundation has designed its thinking club for promotion of creative thinking and deep entrepreneurial dialogue or lose-lose dialogue, based on the belief that creative thinking is the essence of entrepreneurship.
Deep entrepreneurial dialogue or lose-lose dialogue (originated by J.Samad Aghaei, Ph.D) has 21 rules and all participants should share what they have learnt from the dialogue after each session. A good participant is usually the one who discovers his/her mistakes or apologizes more during the dialogue, cause this kind of dialogue is based on triple loop learning (Deuttero Learning) method.

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