Jalil Samad aghaei      

E-mail: Samadaghaei@gmail.com

Educational records:

·    Holder of Ph.D degree in the field of management and entrepreneurship from Russian Academy of Science 2009. Thesis: Effectiveness of "TRIZ" on Entrepreneurs' innovations.

·         Holder of M.S. degree in field of Strategic Management - Faculty of Industrial management organization 1998.

·         Holder of Bachelor degree in field of business management and Marketing - Allameh Tabatabaee University 1979.


·      Compilation of first entrepreneurship book of Iran “Entrepreneurial Organizations” Governmental management education center 1999 - Second edition 2003.

·       Compilation of book “Group and individual creativity techniques" 2001 Governmental management Education center - Second edition 2005.

·         Compilation of book "Creativity: The essence of entrepreneurship"; Tehran university; 2004.

·         Compilation of book "The Art of Aha! Puzzles"; Young science researchers publication; 2006.

·         Compilation of book "Advanced entrepreneurship" Labor & social security institute 2007.

·         Compilation of book "Entrepreneurial marketing"; Young science researchers publication; 2008

·         Translation of book "100 ideas for teaching thinking skills"; Publication of Tehran University; 2007.  
Compilation of book " Quantum Dialogue"; Novin Gem Creativity and Entrepreneurship Research Center;2012

Research and scientific records

·        Editing of first entrepreneurship thesis in Iran: Recognizing suitable organizational atmosphere to attract and grow entrepreneurs; Industrial management organization; 1998.

·        Editing and collecting of educational standard of entrepreneurship in Iran (International Code 4-10118 year 2000) for technical and vocational training of Iran.

·        Conducting the first applied research about corporate entrepreneurship in Iran; Recognizing organizational atmosphere for attracting and growing entrepreneurs in Mostazafan foundation, Sina tile and Asia Socks Co.

·         Learning with occupation approach; Occupation Cooperative Organization of Academic Graduates.

·         Educational planning for training of entrepreneurship to trainers (T.O.T).

·         Foundation of venture capital industry in Iran.

·         Planning for "Organizational Entrepreneurship Course" particular for senior managers of governmental sector.

·         Planning for "Entrepreneurship Course" particular for business men and trade men.


·         Be careful with innovation – Tahavol monthly magazine No 31. Feb 1997.

·         More familiar with entrepreneurs (first number) – Tahavol monthly magazine No 28; 1996.

·         More familiar with entrepreneurs (second number) – Tahavol monthly magazine No 29; 1996

·        From entrepreneurship to  life creation  (Jan Afarini) - Tadbir monthly magazine No78 J Nov 1998 .This article also has been published in monthly magazine, Dec 1998 of labor & social security institute.

·         Entrepreneurship as anti occupation and / but Development motor - Tadbir monthly magazine - No 114 - 2001.

·         Creativity as the secret of survival for organizations; Tadbir monthly magazine; March 2003.

·         A discussion about entrepreneurship span and its new paradigm in social entrepreneurship – special issue of Tehran university / entrepreneurship center magazine 2004 – this article has been published also in 1st Shikh Bahai entrepreneurship festival.

·        Venture capital industry as lost ring and infrastructure of national innovation system in Iran.

·         Entrepreneurship mechanism in large organizations – management monthly magazine; Sep - Nov 2004.

·         Entrepreneurship as life style - professional monthly magazine of entrepreneurship center of Tarbiat Modares University; Aug 2005.

·        Research and development in entrepreneurial organizations - professional season magazine of Technology growth; 1st number 2005.

·        Be careful with Alterpreneurs – Tomorrow entrepreneurs magazine; entrepreneurship center of Tehran university; No5, 2006.

·        Selecting occupational life: entrepreneurship is a necessity not an option – monthly magazine of labor & social security institute; No66; Nov 2005.

·         Entrepreneurial ignorance and cruelty: opening a new section as religious entrepreneurship – selected essay of national entrepreneurship congress in Azad university; Mar, 2006.

·         Quantum Thinking; University of Farabi; 2011
·         Entrepreneurial Dialogue; Year’s eminent entrepreneurs’ festival; 2011

·         Some lectures in 1-2-4-5-6 TV channels about entrepreneurship during 8 past years.

·         Entrepreneurship and its role in economic development of Iran and sacred occupation - entrepreneurship seminar of agricultural Jahad; 2004.

·        Behavioral strategies of management and personnel in entrepreneurial organizations- distribution of oil products in Iran; July, 2005.

·         Culture and entrepreneurship; Jahad university; Sep, 2005.

·         Creativity and entrepreneurship in sport; physical education faculty of Ferdosi university; Dec, 2005.

·         Creating and fostering creative environment; Educational centre for governmental management; 2001.

·         Entrepreneurship and work – agriculture Jahad; June, 2005.

·         Entrepreneurship is necessity not an option; IRIB; 2003.

·         Women entrepreneurship – Ostandari Kermenshah; 2006.

·         Business opportunities in oil industry; 20 Apr 2007.

·         TRIZ,Entrepreneurship and Hermeneutic – First National conference of

·         creatology and innovation, 5 NOV 2008.

·         Thinking and Dialogue Style in Think Tanks – Kanoon Sokhan; Los Angeles 01/17/2011.

·         Scientific roundtable / Culture and entrepreneurship – culture and art research centre; 25 June 2005.

·         Scientific roundtable  / Entrepreneurship speech – Amirkabir entrepreneur’s publication; Dec 2005.
·         Scientific roundtable / Entrepreneurship development guides – creativity, innovation and 
       entrepreneurship festival;Dec 2004.

·         Scientific roundtable / Venture capital industry development - congress of V.C development; Aug 2004.

Honors and Awards 

·         2010 Iran Prominent Entrepreneur.

·         Receiving appreciation virtue from UNESCO organization as scientific supporter of entrepreneurship 2006.

·         Certified trainer from Dr. Edward de Bono and APTT Inc (USA).

·         Receiving first official license from Ministry of research science and technology to study and research in
creativity and entrepreneurship as an official think tank.

·       Receiving golden virtue of third Sheikh Bahai entrepreneurship Festival 2006 as a scientific supporter of entrepreneurship.

·        Receiving virtue and appreciation virtue from entrepreneurship and occupation festival 2004 as a supporter of entrepreneurs In Education and promotion department.

·        Producing the first educational films and interviews about entrepreneurship.

·       The first entrepreneurship and creativity master trainer in Iran.

·        Forming the first creativity room in Iran.

·       Originator of global worship night as the first religious entrepreneurship.

Professional Membership

·         Ambassador -Member of Consortium for entrepreneurship education.

·         Member of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ studies.

·         Member of board of science in creatology and entrepreneurship magazine.

·         Professional calendar of entrepreneurs magazine (Tarbiat  Modares university) and superior generation monthly magazine.

·         Member of jury and board of science of Sheikh Bahai entrepreneurship festival.

·         Member of jury and board of science of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship Festival.

·         Member of jury and board of science of Amirkabir entrepreneurship festival.

·         Member of science Committee of national conference of entrepreneurship, creativity and organizations of future.

·         Member of board of science of First National Conference of Creatology and Innovation.

·         Member of board of science of Bahar national festival.

·         Member of science Committee of national conference of science & technology parks& incubators.

·         Member of entrepreneurship developing Think Tank of labor & social security institute.

·         Member of jury and board of science of entrepreneurship festival of applied sciences university.

·         Member of science committee of management and entrepreneurship of labor & social security institute.

·         Member of research group for culture and entrepreneurship in Ministry of culture and Islamic guide.

·         Member of scientific entrepreneurship committee of ministry of work and social affairs.

·         Member of management and entrepreneurship group of labor and social security institute.

·       Member of jury and group manager of entrepreneurship and specialists network of Iran (planning and management organization).
Scientific Secretary of Creative Iran Festival Award 2012.


·         Dynamic Curtain Rod

·         No rotate nail

·         Gas  Steam Iron

·         Industrial Automatic grill and barbecue maker

 Teaching records:

·      Invited professor in following universities: Tehran, Amirkabir, Tarbiat Modares, Sharif, Jahad.Azad, Governmental management university, and faculty of Industrial management organization of Iran.

·      Training of entrepreneurship trainers for Universities of Amirkabir ,Tarbiat Modares, Iran university of medical sciences, Tehran university of medical sciences.

·     Instructing and conducting over 500 workshops and seminar in the field of Management, creativity, entrepreneurship, Marketing, intrapreneurship, and corporate entrepreneurship for senior and middle managers of organizations and students and high educational institutes such as:

Entrepreneurship centre of Tehran university, Amirkabir university, Tarbiat Modares university, Sharif Industrial university, Management faculty of Tehran university, Management faculty of Sharif university, Khajeh Nasir Tosi university, Industrial management university, Shiraz university, Educational centre of governmental management, Jahad daneshgahi, Jahad keshavarzi, Azad university, Mofid university, Moghadas Ardabili university, Labor and Social security institute, Agricultural university of Karaj, Agricultural faculty of Tehran university, Shahed university, Minisrty of health and medical, Medical Sciences faculty of Sharif, Developing and Rebuilding organization of Iran industries, Occupation Cooperative Organization of Academic Graduates, Technical and vocational training organization, National youth organization, Mostazafan foundation (headquarter), Research and work protection center, SaIran, Abiyek cement manufacturer, Iran cable company, Khozestan steel, Medical science of Tehran University, Oil products national company, Defense industries, Karaj governorship, Varamin governorship, Damavand governorship, Creativity centre of Tehran municipality, Noandish research centre, Nimrokh culture centre, Woman research and studies centre of Tarbiat Modares University, Karon oil company, Technology and science park of Isfahan, Mashhad professional and technical education centre of women, Abadan health centre, Bahar Khoramshahr institute, occupational opportunities exhibition, Iran Merinus manufacturer, Arak petro chemistry, Pasargad Bank, scientific creature’s society, Ports and shipping organization of Boshehr, Yazd Industrial Parks Organization, Tejarat Bank, Irankhodra company, and …

Executive records

35 years records in management, consulting and research in private and governmental organization such as:

·         Member of board of founders and trustees of Entrepreneurship Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran -       2011
·         Member of board of trustees and chief executive of commercializing ideas, inventions, and 
       intellectual  property working group of Tehran’s entrepreneurs association - 2011

·         M.E.M.R.B. Company (Market researches manager) - 3 years

·         Industries and mines organization of Mostazafan (counselor) - 2 years

·         developing centre of entrepreneurship (chairman of board of directors) - 4 years

·         Novin GEM creativity and entrepreneurship studies and research institute (managing director and chairman of board of directors)- industrial management organization of Iran (counselor) - 5 years

·         Tehran group manufacturers (market researches manager) - 5 years

·         Marz peyma  Textile Co (managing director) - 10 years

·         Iran koric factory  (commercial deputy and board of directors member) - 1 year

·         Textoureh textile Co (president and chairman of the board of directors) - 5 years

·         Founder and chairman of “Entrepreneurship Foundation”; California - 2011