Applied Creativity

Course objectives:

  • Self analysis and preparation for a radical change in life style, thinking, viewpoints, and attitudes.
  • Becoming familiar and interested in a creative, purposeful, and super conscious life.
  • Refraining from usual, repetitious, invariable, imitative, and superficial living.
  • Becoming familiar with individual, social, and organizational obstacles of innovation and how to cope with them.
  • Becoming familiar with intellectual obstacles of creativity and learning how to overcome them.
  • Learning different creativity and idea generation techniques.
  • Becoming familiar with wicked problems and how to creatively solve them.
  • Recognition of latent needs of ourselves, others, customers, society and organizations.
  • Learning different methods for discovering, creating, and utilizing new, valuable, and practical opportunities in the market.
  • Becoming familiar with different ways of evaluating and assessing new ideas.
  • Becoming familiar with characteristics of a new successful product and different kinds of prototypes.
  • Learning different idea protection methods. 

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