Quantum Thinking Training of Trainers

Quantum Thinking is complex and paradoxical in its essence and explores meta logic, super consciousness and non-traditional areas, therefore training of trainers of Quantum Thinking requires extra precision and restrictions. Trainers of Quantum Thinking should be aware that they are training difficult, valuable, and ambiguous subjects that their main point is the subject itself; in other words, the subject of thinking is thinking itself and as Heidegger says: to teach a silent subject like thinking sometimes you should shout.

After this course participants are expected to be able to explain the concepts of thinking, imagination, perception, dream, illusion, awareness, consciousness, understanding, different thinking styles and the way brain works in their own words. Trainers of Quantum Thinking will be trained to create their own practical problems to help their student realize the individual, social, and cultural obstacles of quantum thinking and increase their quantum thinking tolerance.

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