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trainees too!

  • Once you are accredited you will be able to receive American Entrepreneurship Foundation’s certificate for your participants upon their completion of your approved seminar, conference or festival ($10 per certificate)*.
  • You will be globally recognized by a scientific generator.
  • The pursuit of accreditation reinforces a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and scholarship.
  • The process of preparing an accreditation self-study enhances the focus on quality of student learning and renews a commitment to the educational mission.
  • The recognition of effective seminar, conference or festival through accreditation contributes to a more positive review by regional accreditors, as specialized accreditation is a confirmation of quality programming in specific divisions.
  • Participants refer to accreditation status on resumes and in employment interviews.
  • Accreditation status is referenced when submitting budgets, grant proposals, and course/program proposals.
  • Accreditation provides prestige and credibility when seeking funding resources from donors, foundations, and governments.
  • The accredited seminar, conference or festival can utilize press releases to advertise their accredited program status.
  • Accredited status may be printed in your catalog.
  • Accredited status may be printed on your business cards and ads.
  • Accredited status may be posted on your website.


* A PDF file of the certificate which contains AEF Certificate Number will be emailed to you to print and provide to your participants.



The whole process is online



The REQUIRED documents must be submitted in English but the OPTIONAL documents can be submitted in any language.


  • At least 2 of the scientific board members should be Ph.D holders in related topics.

  • Application Fee: $100
  • Accreditation Fee: $300 (Must be paid after initial approval)

Example: If you want to hold an accredited seminar you first pay $100 application fee; if you get initial approval then you will pay $300.

If you decide to get a certificate of completion for your participants you can do so by providing participants' information and a $10 issuance fee.


All the fees will only be collected electronically through PayPal at the end of the application. Acceptable payments are all major debit cards, credit cards, etc.

1st time you get accredited by American Entrepreneurship Foundation your accreditation will be valid for 2 years and next times your accreditation will be valid for 5 years.


your network
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Please have the following documents ready in the correct format to upload during the application:

Size & Format Requirements:

You should have all your documents and files in one (or two) compressed (zipped) folder.Total size of your documents can't exceed 20MB. If your compressed folder is larger than 10MB you will need to divide it into 2 compressed folders, each less than 10MB.
Click here to learn how to compress (zip) folders.  

General Documents (REQUIRED):

  • Top three scientific & executive board members' resumes (CV) (JPEG or PDF)

Other Documents (OPTIONAL):

  •  Posters, ads,...
  • Picture(s) of previous seminars, conferences, festivals, etc (JPEG)
  • Any other evidence or documents that might be helpful

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