American Entrepreneurship Foundation (AEF) is the first international specialized organization to recognize excellence in entrepreneurship education around the world. AEF as an accountable scientific and professional non-profit organization­­­­ for advancement and development of relevant fields to creativity and entrepreneurship accredits certain programs, trainers, master trainers, and educational institutes.


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Accreditation Purpose
Accreditation Types

In general, accreditation serves the interests of companies, agencies, and the public through the establishment of standards, policies, and procedures to identify, recognize, introduce, and inspire sound education and training practices. When such a process is matched to high standards and accountability, a partnership for quality becomes reality.


4 types of accreditation are available at Entrepreneurship Foundation in the mentioned fields:

1- Trainers

2- Master Trainers

3- Educational Institutes

4- Conferences, Seminars, Festivals 

 Accreditation Fields


Trainers, master trainers, educational institutes, conferences, seminars, and festivals can apply to accredit

their programs or themselves in the following 5 areas and/or related fields:


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 Creativity & Innovation Entrepreneurship MarketingManagement 
  • Creativity Techniques
  • Open Innovation
  • Creativity Tour
  • Applied Creativity
  • Creativity for Engineers
  • ...


  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Business Plan
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • ...


  • Marketing Plan
  • Market Analysis
  • Neuromarketing
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • ...


  • Strategic Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Mind-set Management
  • ...


  • Business Administration
  • Executive MBA Program
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • E-Business & E-Commerce
  • ...
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Certificates of AccreditationAccreditation Council


Certificates are given to approved applicants who pay for the 3-years accreditation fee. 




Accreditation council consists of one chair, one secretary, and five expert evaluators. Expert evaluators are invited from the most credible scientific, educational, and executive resources around the world such as universities, associations, organizations, research centers, etc. Accreditation council changes according to accreditation field, geographic regions, and number of applicants.

The REQUIRED documents must be submitted in English but the OPTIONAL documents can be submitted in any language.

All the fees will only be collected electronically through PayPal. Acceptable payments are all major debit cards, credit cards, etc.

Accreditation Process

Step 1
Step 2

 Fill out application and pay application fee.

(2 hours)

Applicants must fill out appropriate forms through the following links and submit the required documents along with a non-refundable application fee.

 Completion of incomplete applications.

(2 – 3 business days)

Applications are briefly reviewed to make sure all the required information and documents are provided; if anything is missing you will be asked to provide the missing information.

Step 3
Step 4

 Initial approval or denial.

(up to 7 business days)

Within 7 business days you will be notified about our initial decision about your case. If you get initial approval you go to step 4 and if your case gets denied that means you don't qualify to be accredited.

Pay evaluating fee.

(You have 2 weeks to pay)

In this step you are required to pay the accreditation fees based on type of your accreditation and number of your programs. Each type of accreditation has its own fees which is detailed in each type's information page.

Step 5
Step 6

Application evaluation by accreditation council.

(up to 7 business days)

In this step, each of the accreditation council experts considers and evaluates the application and its attached documents.

 Accreditation council meeting for final voting and conclusion.

(1 day)

Experts express their opinions and discuss their points of view based on scientific, industrial, and educational conditions of applicant's country and make the final decision.

Step 7 Step 8

 Special cases.


If accreditation council decides to issue conditional approval then applicant needs to provide the missing or additional information before the specified deadline.

 Certification issue.

(1 day)

Accreditation certification(s) will be issued and mailed to the applicant. If applicant can not receive mail, a PDF version of certificate will be provided.

For more information about each type of accreditation choose from the followings: